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iSCSI Cake (CCDisk) - an elegant solution for sharing server-side storage resources across your LAN/WAN

When you need to share your server's resources across your network, no matter great or small, you can achieve this in a number of ways. However, there is a surprisingly elegant solution of this problem that you may not be aware of yet. iSCSI Cake is a storage server which enables you to export the server's storage resources to multiple clients that will be able to perform all the standard disk operations, read, write, format and partition. Once the disk is mounted, users can work with it as if it were a physical disk installed in their system! The product is a must-have for administrators of enterprise-level storage solutions, gaming clubs and Internet cafes that will not need to worry about installing a standard set of applications on every client system.

iSCSI Cake supports iSCSI initiators in Windows, Linux and Solaris, works with 32/64 bit versions of Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and is not limited by 32-bit addressing, which enables it to work with disks of up to 4 PB in size. Unlike SMB-based solutions that make the use of database-driven applications and games impossible, iSCSI Cake fully supports all types of applications due to the fact that it shares data at the block level. The server itself is reliably protected from unauthorized use and yields impressive I/O performance thanks to both server- and client-side caching. The proprietary copy-on-write mechanism ensures that the actual server data is never changed, as clients' write request are instantly redirected to the working directory without modifying a bit of server's data. Managing the server is easy as well, its Windows-based GUI can be installed on any system.

In a nutshell, iSCSI Cake is a ideal choice for users that need a way to share their server's resources across the network in a fast, efficient and hassle-free manner!

- 3D2F journalist


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3D2F Reviews
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